Printable Blank Guitar Necks for Guitar Teachers

Printable Blank Guitar Necks for Guitar Teachers


blank guitar neck

just some of the guitar teacher's printable resources

Sheets featuring a printable Blank Guitar Neck (or necks) are an invaluable guitar teaching aid and can help to make our lives as instrumental teachers easier and much less stessful? Before I put together these materials I used to waste loads of time actually drawing guitar necks onto bits of paper during the course of the lesson itself! I freely admit that this was in no way an effective use of either my time or (more to the point) my student’s money?

The teachwombat materials (follow this link to download and print some free samples now?) take the whole concept to another level. We have produced a range of printable sheets for guitar teachers that give a huge range of options to anyone setting out to make a living by providing guitar lessons. The printable resources feature not just blank guitar necks but also a huge variety of combinations of graphics designed to help guitar teachers to get their message over to their students. There are printable handouts featuring single guitar fretboards as well as some which feature two guitar necks side by side.

Printable Blank Guitar Chord Grids

In addition to the blank guitar neck already mentioned other sheets feature blank guitar chord grids combined with guitar tablature and musical staves allowing teachers to enhance the effectiveness of their lessons by providing their students with chord progressions and a graphic representation of important riffs, solos and single note figures.


printable guitar tab and blank chord sheets

Guitar teachers the world over use these materials to “mix and match” as required to help them to get their message over effectively to students. Many guitar teachers take a little time to put together neat “master copies” of material that they use regualrly and then scan or photocopy the sheets as required. that way they build up a library of teaching material that they can use for years to come.

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