What Guitar Teachers think of The Teachwombat Resources?


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When you buy my resources I will (within 24 hours and usually a lot quicker than that!) send an email to the email address on the order just to make sure that you were able to download all of the materials with no problem . In the (rare) event of someone being unable to download the materials I’ll drop it onto a disc and “snail mail” to you. I don’t use “auto responder” software or anything like that so if you are unable to get the stuff I will know about it and will be able to put things right straight away.


What Guitar Teachers have said about the Teachwombat Resources

Anyway, about the customer testimonials thing? People with way more experience of how all this internet malarkey works have been bugging me to include testimonials from satisfied customers on the site. I have been a bit resistant to it up until this point because to be perfectly honest the whole area seems a bit “cheesy”?

All of that “I was a seven stone weakling and they used to bus girls in from other states to laugh at me but now I employ a team of Navy Seals to beat them off me with a dung encrusted stick” kind of thing makes me feel a little bit “dirty”? It smells of snake-oil and I just don’t like it.

Having said that loads of the people who buy my stuff rave about it in emails and when looked at from a purely practical angle it makes sense to have the people who are thinking about purchasing my materials aware of how those who have already bought them feel about he whole thing?

If you add the fact that Mrs Wombat has decreed that we have to go on a holiday this year that does not involve hitch hiking and sleeping in a tent then maybe you can see why I have weakened?

The stuff below is feedback taken straight from the emails of people who bought my guitar and bass teacher’s materials. I did not in any way solicit the comments or ask anyone to say nice things just so that I could show them to you. I could have just made it up but that would just be grubby and anyway luckily there was no need to.

Here is the text of an email that fell into my in-tray near the end of May 2013…..

“I’ve just stared teaching beginner guitar here and wanted something I could give my students.

I found what you said about being a good teacher very helpful, as I am definitely more of a singer and songwriter who has used  rhythm guitar to compose, rather than a great guitar player. This has at times made me reluctant to teach yet I am finding I have a lot to offer beginners, and my playing is improving too.

Distance is certainly no barrier with the internet that’s for sure

Many Thanks and best wishes with your business.


“Hi Rob,

I checked the TeachWombat site out a few times whilst preparing to give my first paid group lessons at the school I work in. Eventually, 3 weeks in, I found it was taking up loads of time trying to find or make good resources to show chords/scales etc… and so I thought I’d bite the bullet and invest in the deluxe package. I’m glad I did.

It makes such a difference having clear tab sheets to write on and already the giant chord grids have proved a hit. I teach groups of 5 children (aged 7-11) for half an hour at a time. As such, time is of the essence and being able to photocopy a giant chord and hand it out frees me up to move around and help out 1-1. One boy said straight away – “this is so much easier to understand than having lots of chords on one page with tiny dots everywhere.” I found that giving each chord a colour helps even more (i.e. circling the E in green) to lodge it in their mind.

As we are currently at the complete beginner stage it may be a while before we get to use the bulk of the material in the pack but we’re having a bash at playing with one or two of the backing tracks.

Anyways, I’m rambling. Thanks for taking the time to put together a great product, which I know will help no end with future lessons. The articles on the website are really useful too. Keep up the good work!

All the best,

Joe (Brighton UK)

“Thank you so much Rob, really really appreciated. the backing tracks with the big grids go down so well with some of my students, I’d be lost without them!”


“I think your resources are just fantastic! I’ve already used your lesson one ideas and resources with a class of 13-14 yr olds and they had a ball. They felt a sense of challenge and purpose, something that can be hard to come by in the classroom! Thank you so much!”

Sonja (Adelaide Australia)

“I made 5 times what I spent on the deluxe package the very next day! (I’m serious)”

Mark Marxon (Guitar and Bass Teacher – Australia)

“I have been teaching piano, guitar, bass and drums for many years, and your package will certainly enhance my guitar and bass lessons. I’m also by nature a very disorganized guy, so it’s great to have all these handouts in one place on my Mac, where I can just hit the print button and voila…”

“Thanks for creating such a wonderful, comprehensive package!”

Eugene (Ontario- Canada)

“Thank you so much for your email. Thanks for having such great resources online. I was happy to be able to invest in your charts and tracks. I’m a professional musician but breaking into the teaching game is something I have waited a long time to embark on. I teach my first guitar lesson tomorrow. Your materials will keep me from getting too nervous!”

Nicole (Oregon)
Hi Rob, these are wonderful resources that will help me greatly.
Ricky (East Los Angeles CA)


“What an amazing group of resources for guitar teachers – I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve drawn a chart of a chord or a music staff… what a time saver these resources are for me!”

Craig (British Columbia)


“I have been looking high and low for resources like yours…at the pricepoint you offer.  I am VERY impressed with the backing tracks as I often find them to be too short and too fast.  These are a nice balance.  I look forward to using these resources in my upcoming year.”

Roxy (British Columbia- Canada)

The above quotes etc are just a selection taken from genuine emails from people who bought my stuff. I did not save them up until I had enough to look respectable (there are loads more than the ones presented above which are every bit as positive hidden within the emails that customers have sent to me. I put the ones above together in just a few minutes by typing phrases like “wonderful resources” and “time saver” into the search box of my saved emails to see what popped out? There are loads of other ones in there that I could have used instead or as well but I’m sure you get the idea?

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