Guitar Teaching Tips

Guitar Teaching Tips

guitar teaching tips

Tips for Guitar Teachers

When setting out to give tips to would be guitar teachers it is important to recognise that “There are many spokes to the centre of the wheel” which is just another way of saying that teaching people to play the guitar is ridden with variables and that no two teachers (or no two guitar students for that matter) are the same?

This section of the website will contain a series of short (what I hope are) insights into the inner workings of the brain of a guitar teacher.

These tips and tricks are not designed to work for every guitar teacher in every situation. They are just things that (sometimes) work for me and might (sometimes) work for you?

Every guitar teacher is different. Every guitar student is on their own journey and therefore every lesson is bound to be at least slightly different.

There is another old proverb which states something along the lines of  “you can never step into the same river twice” and even though at the beginning of a lesson we might make assumptions about the likely behaviours and capabilities of our students we need to be able to adapt in accordance with the actual circumstances rather than just throw the same bunch of “stock” lessons in the same order at all of our learners?

Some guitar students will pick up particular concepts and techniques remarkably quickly but might struggle with technical or theoretical areas that we could initially predict that they would take in their stride?

Whilst you need to have a plan for your guitar lesson it is important to be able to adapt (or even abandon) it should the occasion demand or the opportunity present itself?

You may find that a student needs to go back over some old ground that you thought they were comfortable with or it could be that you discover that they are more competent with regard to theoretical knowledge or technical ability than you expected at the start of the session.

The list of potential variables that exist at the beginning of any guitar lesson means that it is almost inevitable that the experience that you deliver to your guitar student will not be quite the same as the one that you thought that you would be providing at the start of the session? If a guitar teacher expects this and has a range of resources and strategies designed to accomodate this reality then they should be able to take this variety in their stride?

The “Best” Guitar Teaching Tip?

Perhaps the most important tip that I can offer to someone setting out to be a guitar teacher is to say that the single principle underpinning the whole subject of guitar teaching and perhaps the key to teaching guitar for a living is to work out the answer to the question “what is the best thing you can do for this person’s guitar playing within the next hour”?
tips for teaching guitar

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