Guitar Tablature Is Evil!

Guitar Tablature is Evil!
It does not tell you what note you are playing. It does not give you any clue as to how your melodic input is affecting the harmony of the music. It does not tell you the scale or mode that you are using over the chord sequence. It does not tell you when to play so you need to be familiar with the song, riff or solo that you are trying to reproduce (in which case what’s wrong with using your ears to work it out?).

Pretty much all tab does tell you is where someone in a recording studio somewhere once pressed their fingers onto a guitar neck.
Guitar tablature tricks people into believing that they are much better guitar players than they actually are.

When the Pope (maybe a couple of popes ago?) used to land in a country where he didn’t live he would endear himself to the faithful by saying a couple of phrases in the language of that country. At no point did he claim to understand the language and everyone knew that it was nothing more than a gesture. He had learned the phrases “parrot fashion” purely for effect.
Thats ok for him (after all he may have had friends in high places?) but it’s no way to be as a guitarist?
Knowing where to put your fingers without knowing why you put them there is maybe not the best way to go about things? Everone and their pet monkey can play the intro to Sweet Child O Mine but how many of them can explain how it works harmonically and melodically?
Alright I admit it. I’m overstating the case a little bit. In fact this website is trying to sell you a set of resources in which blank guitar tablature sheets play an important part but I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that guitar tab should be used to assist and reinforce knowledge and understanding rather than to sidestep or replace it?
Guitar tablature is like Guns? Perfectly safe and sensible if used by the right people in the right way but the potential for disaster if used wrongly does not bear thinking about?

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