Guitar Chord Shapes for Kids: Don’t teach to many “cheater’s” chords?

There are loads of guitar chord shapes for Kids but the reality for me is that if you teach them too many “cheater’s” chords at the beginning then you run the risk of confusing them (never a good idea?) after just a few weeks of study when they are ready for the full versions of the shapes in question.

Below you can take a look at a guitar teacher’s video that I put up on youtube. It explains an approach to teaching chord shapes for children that will prevent them from having to stretch too far during the early stages of playing. Although as I said earlier there are lods of these three and four note chord shapes I have found that I only really feel comfortable teaching three of them (G Em and C)? This is because that (hopefully) after a few weeks of study a teacher is obliged to teach the “full” shapes and students have to “unlearn” the “cheaters” versions? This can be confusing for children as they then have to forget some of the stuff that you just taught them?

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