Do you need Grades or Qualifications to Teach Guitar?

Do you need guitar grades or qualifications to teach guitar?


The short answer is No (although there are some exceptions that I’ll come to)
You need two things in order to teach guitar effectively

1: Knowledge capability and experience relevant to the people that you set out to teach

2: The ability to communicate effectively with your customers

Guitar Knowledge and Capability:
If you are a reasonable standard intermediate guitarist there is no reason why you cannot be a very effective guitar teacher with or without either qualifications or recognised grades just so long as you set out to teach guitar to the right customers?

We have a more detailed article themed around the subject of how “good”  a guitar player you need to be in order to teach the instrument

This site also features detailed information and lesson plans for a series of guitar lessons aimed at an absolute novice that or a whole “mini-site” on teaching kids to play the guitar  you may find interesting?

There are basically two types of novice guitar student

1: Grown ups who decide that since they always wanted to play the guitar it’s “now of never”

2: Young kids (I take them from the age of eight) who wish to learn to play because it seems like a fun thing to do?
For a more detailed look at some of the issues involved in teaching children guitar we have a page dedicated to the subject that you may like to take a look at?

One of the nice things about both groups is that in the early stages you cover the same ground (albeit in slightly different ways?)

Total beginners need to learn how to change between chords and how to strum those chords in time? It’s as simple as that.

An idea for a “good” intermediate standard player who wishes to explore the possibility of developing a career as a guitar teacher is to get teaching experience (and income!) from teaching beginners whilst at the same time working towards the recognised qualifications and grades that will allow them to progress “up the ladder”. The other (by no means small!) advantage is that by doing so you will also become a better player.

If you wish to teach guitar in high school, and college situations then realistically you will probably need to have recognised grades and qualifications so that the people who dish the jobs out (who are most probably not guitar players?) can justify (to their bosses) your appointment.

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